The Economist Illustrated:
Nigeria – Clubbing Together

nigeria_clubbing_togetherThis is the first illustration in our new series, The Economist Illustrated. Each illustration will include notes from the illustrator. Illustrated by: Joel Hopler

The Inspiration

Nigeria: Clubbing together

Illustrator’s Notes

In search of Nigerian animals, I found that the goats were a good representation of the merging political parties well as being a representative of the disgruntled workforce of Nigeria. I thought a Nigerian Jaguar would be great for the PDP. The funny part is that if you Google ‘nigerian jaguar’ you get pictures of a fighter jet. Also, in the last paragraph of the article it says, “A new joke making the rounds in the capital says that, since the main opposition groups are merging, the PDP will form an alliance with the police and the army.” So, the jaguar imagery seemed fitting, especially with a few goats huddled under an umbrella.